homepage url/index.html no comments visible [bug]

GeorgeM 117d, 12h ago [edited]

Hi I love this system and plan to use it for an online textbook I am currently developing. I recently tested it by posting a comment to the home page of my site with a base url like: domain/mysite.com The comment shows up just fine.

When navigating internally, however, sometimes the url becomes domain/mysite.com/index.html and there are no longer any comments listed, even though the page is the same without the explicit /index.html.

Also here is a feature request -- a navigation button to close the profile view and return to the comment thread would be nice -- using the browser's back button or a page refresh is a little counter-intuitive.

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Russell 113d, 16h ago [edited]

I think we could have a Namespace setting to toggle treating /path/index.html the same as /path. I'll work on this tonight.

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