Calling for Python engineers who want to hack on Remarkbox code base.

russell 3y, 78d ago [edited]

Hey as you might have heard Remarkbox is now Free!


If you would like to see the source code and potentially hack on the code base, please reach out to me:

A number of people have asked for various features or behaviours and I'm planning to build the ones that are important to me.

That said, if you know how to code, and there is an over lap with something you wish existed or some behaviour you think Remarkbox should do or do differently, and you have the skills to work with Python, I'd be willing to get you a copy of the code base and help you get it up and running on your workstation. That way you can build out your branch and get it reviewed and merged upstream.

I have a number of projects in mind from the feedback on this latest HN post (we hit #3 for a short while!)

Anyways if this sounds like you lets get in touch and scale Remarkbox to the moon. : )

If you are wondering why Remarkbox isn't open source already please watch my very personal response video I cut today:

It's in all of our best interest to keep the Remarkbox source code closed, for now at least while we grow and take market share.

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