No way to get back to the comment box once clicked on my profile hyperlink?

kaushalmodi 2y, 258d ago [edited]

Let's take this page for example:

At the bottom, I see "kaushalmodi [logout]"; good, that tells that I am signed in.

When I click on my name there, it shows me my last comments in iframe, including access to remarkbox settings, which I think is great!

Though, I cannot then navigate that iframe back to the comment box.. the only way I could do that is by refreshing the whole page... So while typing a comment, if I click on that profile link, all is gone.

PS: Above I had to do []( to make that a link.. can the script be updated to auto-link a valid hyperlink like

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Russell 2y, 257d ago [edited]

You should be able to click the back button on the browser to navigate the iFrame back to the thread. That said I agree that a user might feel lost so I will look into fixing this somehow.

I fixed your PS: You should now be able to type a URL and it will automatically generate a link!

What's next? check your email to log in!

kaushalmodi 2y, 257d ago

Yup, the automatic link detection now works. Thanks!

What's next? check your email to log in!